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Business departments

Taichi Holdings Limited does a wide variety of business in countries worldwide. Our business areas include medical care, transport vehicle, and air conditioning in which we deal with room air conditioners, multi-air conditioners for buildings, large chiller units, and so forth. Our business areas are described in detail below.

Air conditioning enterprise

Developing a comprehensive air conditioning business that can respond to the various needs of overseas users

This department handles products such as room air conditioners, multi-air conditioners for buildings, package air conditioners, chiller units, large refrigerating machines, fan coil units, ventilation fans, air blowers, air purification systems, and cooling towers. It conducts sales in over 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

[Room air conditioners]
Since our establishment in 1974, room air conditioning has been a core business for our company. We were a step ahead of our rivals in entering markets in the Middle East region, which is characterized by deserts and scorching heat, and we have succeeded in expanding sales of high-quality Japanese-made products that can withstand the tough climate and environment there. Production branch have since been shifted overseas, but there has been no change to the level of trust in Japanese-brand products, which has been established over many years. The needs of today’s markets are shifting toward high efficiency and low energy consumption, and we will develop our business based on new Japanese products that respond to these needs.

[Commercial air conditioners]
We became involved in commercial air conditioners with a view toward expanding our room air conditioning business into a comprehensive air conditioning business. Currently, we deal not only with air conditioners for large residences, commercial facilities, factories, and so forth, but also large refrigerating machine and cooling towers for district heating and cooling.

Medical care enterprise

Spreading cutting-edge medical device services worldwide and contributing to regions through medical care

Taichi Holdings Limited aims to contribute to improving the medical care standards in various regions around the world by exporting medical devices, medicines, and consumable goods. It is easy to supply regions with medical devices, even cutting-edge devices, but it is not easy to contribute to medical care in the regions with the devices that have been supplied. Often, devices that have been introduced cannot be repaired when they are broken so they often end up being thrown away.

In order to address this problem, we dispatch technicians specializing in aftercare service from Japan or train local technicians for aftercare service. We have established support systems together with local companies that specialize in medical device services including maintenance, so it is possible for us to provide advanced devices from Japan with a sense of ease.

Japanese doctors who are familiar with the latest medical technologies are sent overseas to teach the technologies to local doctors through live demonstrations and training sessions. Doctors who have learned the new technologies are able to provide treatment that was previously not available or that lessens the burden of the patients.

We work around the clock so that the devices and technologies that we have provided are truly of use where they are needed.

Transport vehicle enterprise

Bringing Japan’s comprehensive industry, the automotive industry, to the world

Automobiles can be considered the symbol of Japanese products. The automotive industry is a comprehensive industry that contains a wide range of other industries, and it is a key industry in the Japanese economy that accounts for a quarter of all Japanese exports. Our transport vehicle business department plays a role in the automobile industry by exporting automobiles and related parts to mainly countries in the Middle East and Africa, but also Latin American countries and small countries in Asia, and developing local dealerships in these countries.

Taichi Holdings Limited contributes to enhancing car-based living in those countries in many ways. We boost sales by playing an intermediary role between automobile manufacturers and local capital, and we carry out a large number of wide-ranging operations such as the development of dealerships, capital and technology-related tie-ups, sales, and maintenance. We do so by making maximum use of our trading company functions, know-how, and ability to gather information.

We utilize our unique local information networks, which is one of our strengths, and deliver results by proactively participating in bids directed toward public offices. We are also developing our business with regard to exports of motorcycles, tires and other auxiliary products, forklifts, transport equipment, ship engines, and so on to mainly countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. We are developing our business based on a long-term perspective with the goal of developing the automobile and transport vehicle business into our core business.

Home electrical appliances enterprise

Supplying Japanese-brand household electrical appliances to Africa

Even though the Japanese-made electrical appliances have established a good reputation as to their quality, we tailor our sales strategy by selling products that are focused on providing the basic performance at a low cost in addition to those that feature low energy consumption and high functionality in order to meet the demands of diversifying ways of life in the target regions.

As for our product lineup, we offer high-quality audio and hi-fi products as well as digital home electrical appliances such as digital televisions, Blu-ray players, DVDs, and digital movie cameras. We also provide: sound systems, which make up for the decline in the sound quality of televisions since the products have become thinner; component systems that are compatible with the latest media devices such as iPods and MP3s; and home electrical appliances for the kitchen such as refrigerators,which are essential for basic living,microwave ovens, juicers, blenders, and toasters. We also deal with home electrical appliances for daily living, including air cleaners and ion generators that help create a pleasant indoor environment.

In terms of regions, we are active in countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which is an economic community consisting of 15 countries, centering on the particularly promising developing country of South Africa. In the process of importing, sales, and services, centering on the activities of the representative offices of major Japanese home electrical appliance manufacturers, we are responsible for carrying out sales. We also carry out surveys and analysis with regard to: methods of use such as how products are set up in households and operating conditions; living conditions such as lifestyles; changes in consumption trends and infrastructure for living; and so on. Furthermore, we plan product concepts, make proposals with regard to specifications, and carry out other activities that support local product development.

Going forward we intend to expand the scope of the activities mentioned above, boost sales of products that are useful for improving the quality of life in regions, and further close the gap between production and consumption. In order to achieve this, we plan our activities with a view to the production of home electronic appliances that contribute to local communities.

Infrastructure, environments enterprise

Developing reliable infrastructure with Japan’s cutting-edge technologies

The Infrastructure and Environment Business Department serves as an intermediary with Japanese manufacturers with the goal of contributing to the development of infrastructure in developing countries. We provide Japan’s environmentally-conscious, cutting-edge technologies in the areas of electrical power and the development of sewage and water treatment systems to mainly countries in the Middle East and Africa, based on the local networks that our representatives in these countries have built over many years.

Libya in North Africa is not closely associated with Japan, partly due to its unusual political system, but we have been working to develop the infrastructure there. We supply highly reliable turbine generators made by Japanese manufacturers to combined power plants, which reduce CO2 emissions through efficient power generation. The majority of the steam turbines at thermal power plants in operation or under construction in Libya in recent years have been made in Japan, and they are garnering very high praise from customers.

We are also contributing to the development of power grids in this vast country. We were involved in a project for the development of extra-high voltage cable power grid in Benghazi, and we delivered special conductors that double the capacity of old existing power lines. We proactively introduce and supply Japanese technologies not only to power companies, but also steel manufacturing companies, aluminum factories, cement factories, and so forth in various countries that consume large amounts of electrical power for their production activities.

In the field of new energy, we have made market proposals and introductions to developing countries with regard to small-scale power generation based on the theme of “supplying convenient, low-priced electrical power to regions without electricity.” Furthermore, we are comprehensively developing renewable energies making use of Japanese technologies, such as solar power generation, wind power generation, and small hydroelectric generation.

Sewage treatment equipment that uses a coating called MBR enables the reuse of treated water, and it is perfectly suited toward the environments of Middle Eastern countries where there is little rainfall. We are in the process of making deliveries to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, and Morocco. We are also developing our business with a focus on the effective use of valuable water resources.

Industrial machinery enterprise

Delivering Japan’s outstanding technologies to the world and contributing to the development of the manufacturing industry

Our main focus is introducing Japan’s outstanding technologies to the world by exporting metal fabrication machinery, machine tools, and so forth for the metal processing industry. We thus hope to contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Metal processing is important and essential for a wide variety of fields such as automobiles, household electrical appliances, construction, medical care, and food products.

The requirements from processing worksites change day-to-day according to the market and social environment. We gather opinions from processing worksites and provide the optimal machinery, systems, software, and after-services in accordance with their needs.

There are numerous products that feature outstanding technologies, but there are many difficulties in developing a business in an unfamiliar territory. Therefore, our clients utilize our overseas networks to obtain local information on day-to-day changes, and we are able to swiftly provide them with information on local trends in the manufacturing industry. We help our clients to deliver “good manufacturing” by connecting processing worksites with the latest technologies.

Photographic material & equipment enterprise

Serving as a comprehensive supplier of the culture of photography

Since our founding, we have provided the leisure activity and culture of “photography” to the Middle East and Africa. In these regions, people truly love the joy of “taking photos,” “collecting photos (memories),” and “share photos and talk.” Based on this culture of photography, we quickly provide Japan’s cutting-edge technologies, products, and services to markets, and we continue to contribute to the creation of the culture and business of photography in these regions.

With the changing times, people’s sense of values with regard to “photography” have started to change. In the heyday of silver halide film, the film itself was of great value. The act of pressing the shutter button would involve a person looking very carefully into the lens with his or her full attention so as to avoid making a mistake. Meanwhile, in the current era of digital cameras, when it is possible to take photos repeatedly without worrying about adding costs, the “value of a single photo” and the “feeling put into a single photo” has started to change.

Nevertheless, photographs themselves have a universal importance in the sense that they “show the culture of the people and the times.” Although photographic technologies have shifted from analogue to digital, we will continue our deep involvement in the photography business, as a comprehensive supplier of the culture of photography that can meet the photography-related needs of the future.