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Overseas branch

Currently our Headquarter for Overseas Operations does business not only in the Middle East and Africa, but also Asia, Latin America, and other parts of the world. The locations and contact information of our offices can be found in the list below.

List of overseas branch by area

Egypt Office
location Egypt / Cairo
TEL +20-2-33034085
e-mail taichi-egypt@anabas.co.jp

Libya Office
location Libya / Tripoli
TEL +218-21-4838823
e-mail taichi-libya@anabas.co.jp

Kenya Office
location Kenya / Nairobi
TEL +254-20-3873850
e-mail taichi-kenya@anabas.co.jp

Nigeria Office
location Nigeria / Lagos
TEL +234-1-730-5982 / +234-806-759-7073
e-mail taichi-nigeria@anabas.co.jp

South Africa Office
location South Africa / Johannesburg
e-mail taichi-southafrica@anabas.co.jp

Saudi Arabia Office
location Saudi Arabia / Jeddah
TEL +966-2-667-7747
e-mail taichi-saudi@anabas.co.jp

Dubai Office
location UAE / Dubai
TEL +971-4-8839753
e-mail taichi-me@anabas.co.jp

Lebanon Office
location Lebanon / Beirut
TEL +00961-1-289106
e-mail taichi-lebanon@anabas.co.jp

Turkey Office
location Turkey / Istanbul
TEL +90−212-274-5250/5251
e-mail taichi-turkey@anabas.co.jp

Jordan Office
location Jordan / Amman
TEL +962-6-5519-322
e-mail taichi-jordan@anabas.co.jp

Hong Kong Office
location Hong Kong / Kowloon
TEL +852-2312-0221
e-mail info-taichi@taichihkg.com.hk

Singapore Office
location Singapore / Singapore
e-mail taichi-singapore@anabas.co.jp

Vietnam Office
location Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh
e-mail taichi-vietnam@anabas.co.jp

Indonesia Office
location Indonesia / Jakarta
TEL +62-21-461-0001
e-mail taichi-indonesia@anabas.co.jp

Miami Office
location United States / Miami
e-mail taichi-usa@anabas.co.jp

Panama Office
location Panama / Panama City
TEL +507-214-8374
e-mail panagate-corp@anabas.co.jp

Cuba Office
location Cuba / Havana
TEL +53-7-204-1528
e-mail taichi-cuba@anabas.co.jp