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About us

Taichi Holdings Limited was established in 1974 as a trading company specializing in business with the governments of countries in the Middle East and Africa. Since then, we have expanded our operations, and our Headquarter for Overseas Operation has spread our business beyond the Middle East and Africa to Asia, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

Since our establishment, we have set forth ambitious goals for “corporate reform.” We have conducted our business operations based on the belief that the greatest way to contribute to society is to enrich humanity through business, gain the appreciation of others, and develop human resources who are valuable to society.

The 1970s was the peak of seniority-based systems in Japanese society, but early on we abolished this type of system along with sectionalism, and we have thus built a horizontal and simple organizational structure. We have the minimum number of departments necessary in order to carry out corporate activities. We quickly developed a unique company in which each individual can fully demonstrate his/her distinctive capabilities.

Each of our employees has authority and responsibility according to his or her position in the company and strictly regulates his or her own actions based on a system of self-management. This is the driving force behind our corporate activities, which are conducted proactively and with integrity.