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Message from our president

Trading company employees playing an active part in the world

Since our establishment, our employees have upheld our philosophy of “5S.”

Something Unique

Our main markets are countries in the Middle East and Africa, which are unfamiliar territories for Japanese companies. There is relatively little competition in these markets, but they offer endless possibilities. This makes them unique, and it has strongly motivated us to do business there. Our company is focused on the development of “unique products” for “unique markets.”

Something Powerful

We have strived to stay “a company of young people, for young people, run by young people.” Youth is a weapon and a valuable asset. We maintain and grow a business that has been created based on a youthful sensibility. Meanwhile, we are willing to dismantle aspects of our business in order to make way for the creation of new kinds of business. We do not have room for seniority-based systems, academic cliques, or sectionalism. This is a source of power for us. The Chinese character for “tai” in our name “Taichi” is a symbol for “power.”

Something Intelligent

The most important thing in life is to live joyfully. In order to do this, it is necessary to enrich humanity and gain the appreciation of others. Companies serve as training grounds for achieving this. We aim to be an intelligent company that develops sophisticated and attractive human resources. The Chinese character for “chi” in our name “Taichi” represents “intelligence.”

Something Professional

“Do work you like with colleagues you like, how you like.” This is a goal for our company. Maximizing what people like together with their unique advantages gives rise to self-motivated, true professionals. We aim to utilize this approach in order to develop a unique business that is unsurpassed.

Something Social

Having interpersonal exchanges with people of other cultures both creates excellent business opportunities and greatly contributes to society. Business is not only for the purpose of generating profits. We contribute first hand to the societies in the countries where we do business, and this is what we live for. We work hard to maintain this social ideal.

We aim to fully demonstrate our capabilities: the incomparable organizational strength that comes from like-minded colleagues working together, a thoughtful and warm-hearted mindset, and the combination of both these elements in our employees. In order to achieve this, our employees are constantly devoted to “self-management.” We are thus a business entity that puts strong emphasis on human resources.

President & CEO Shuzo Kawamura